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- Gramática: Preposições (3 de 3) – Exercícios:

1) Complete com a preposição AT, IN ou ON:
a) The film is going to begin ___ 9:00 ___ the morning.
b) What are you going to do ___ Wednesday?
c) They live ___ a beautiful farm.
d) There was a big parade ___ Independence Day.
e) She would like to get a present ___ Christimas.
f) Sally will travel abroad ___ April.
g) The Kennedys live ___ a beautiful mansion.
h) It was very cold ___ winter.
i) They live ___ 475 João Pessoa street.
j) Mary doesn’t like to study ___ night.

2) Complete com algumas das demais preposições (vistas no post anterior):
a) Mr. Brown is going _____ London and will stay there_____ the end _____ the month.
b) Charles always mixes his whiskey _____ water.
c) Please, pour the milk _____ jug.
d) When the ships sail _____ the river, they pass _____ several bridges.
e) Jim fell _____ a ladder and broke his arm.
f) Jack is always talking _____ going _____ United States.
g) The horse was tied _____ a tree _____ a piece _____ rope.
h) It’s difficult _____ mee to understand what he says.
i) Jane arrived _____ Paris yesterday, after staying there _____ three months.
j) What company does Mr. Jenkins work _____?
k) The thief got _____ the house _____ an open window.
l) I’ve been sitting here _____ three o’clock, waiting ___ the dentist.
m) Yes, I see Mr. Simpson _____ time _____ time.
n) You can go there _____ bus, _____ subway or, of course, _____car.
o) I explained _____ him that the elevator was _____ of order.
p) A man came _____ the house and got _____ a car.
q) It rained _____ three days _____ stopping.
r) My uncle’s house is just _____ the corner.
s) The dog swan _____ the river and rain _____ the hill.
t) Just when I was talking _____ Jane, she came _____ stairs.

Respostas (Answers):

Exercicio 1:
a) At/in]
b) On
c) On
d) On
e) At
f) In
g) In
h) In
i) At
j) At

Exercício 2:
a) To – till – of
b) With
c) Into
d) Along – under
e) Off – in
f) About – to
g) To – by – of
h) For
i) From – over/ for
j) For
k) Into –through
l) Since – for
m) From – to
n) By – by – by
o) To – out
p) Out/of – into
q) For – without
r) Around
s) Across – up
t) About – up
Exercícios retirados do livro “Inglês no Vestibular” de Milton França e do livro“Gramática Prática da Lingua Inglesa” de Nelson Torres.

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